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Premium Yarn for Beautiful Handmade Socks 

If you love to knit or crochet socks by hand, meet Sock Club! Sock Club takes the luxuriously soft yarn KnitCrate is known for, plus gorgeous sock patterns, and sends members everything they need to make one pair by hand each and every month. Wearing them yourself or giving them away as incredible gifts is easy with the best, most affordable way to make as many high-end pairs as you wish.

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What's Included in the
Sock Club

Each month, Sock Club Members receive everything they need to create one pair of designer socks. 

Monthly curated packages always include:

  • One skien of our monthly limited-run, ultra-premium hand-dyed yarn (you’ll get the perfect amount needed for either of the month’s patterns) 
  • Two exclusive, designer patterns - one for knitters, one for crocheters - complete with instructions and pictures for making the month’s featured socks.
  • A fun, totally free, extra surprise! 
  • Exclusive member discounts, so you can buy more of that limited-run yarn for sweaters, cardigans, blankets or stash away for a that future perfect project.
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How the Sock Club Works:

1. Each month, we bring you a limited run of our custom colorways on our exclusive natural-fiber blends. When they sell out, they aren't coming back. You will have a truly one-of-a-kind skein in your hands to stitch into a beautiful project.

2. We tap the coolest designers to make exclusive patterns just for our monthly yarn and colorway. Because the yarns are limited-run and won't be introduced again, you will have a truly unique, irreplaceable project.

3. You get curated inspiration and luxury yarn you can afford, delivered right to your door!

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Make Socks — and New Friends 

KnitCrate is more than yarn; it’s a whole community of like-minded makers. And our favorite thing about Sock Club is that everyone in the club is making the same beautiful socks every month, so you’re always knitting or crocheting alongside others. With so many Sock Club members everywhere, it’s easy to connect over Ravelry or snap and share on Instagram with new friends! 

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KnitCrate All Love Guarantee

Making ordering risk-free

  1. First return’s free! We’re sure you’ll LOVE the quality, but if you aren't happy, return your first order within 30 days for a full refund.
  2. Environmentally friendlyand mulesing-free yarn — always!
  3. Highest quality customer service and natural-fiber yarns at the most affordable prices is our pledge.
  4. Cancel anytime with no long term commitments ever.